DPC’s services are best utilized when brought on board early in the design process, enabling the owner and architect to take full advantage of our knowledge of materials, custom building techniques, costs, and production schedules. DPC produces projects of the highest quality while maintaining critical budget and schedule demands. We have found that early contractor involvement contributes to the building of a cohesive team, enabling continuity from pre-construction through the end of construction and beyond. We are often contracted in the beginning stages of a project, many times before pencil is even put to paper by the design team. Our experienced pre-construction teams are an invaluable resource for early pricing exercises, as well as the knowledge they impart from building in the challenging environment of the intermountain west for over thirty years. Working hand in hand with the owner and design team from schematic design through final construction documents produces a plan that is well thought out and inclusive of the technical and aesthetic elements that are essential for a successful build.


DPC will establish and maintain key dates throughout the pre-construction process along with updating the project schedule once construction starts. We often work with the design team to create a pre-construction schedule that establishes key dates for owner decisions, design milestones, building permit submittals, and pricing exercises.


Site Analysis services offered by DPC include reviews of geotechnical reports, advice on building locations and positioning, utilities, roads and landscaping reviews, and any other site specific input that can help the owner and architect take full advantage of the building site to maximize view and optimize land usage.


Our estimating philosophy is one that strives for consistency and predictability from our earliest estimates through construction document pricing. Having reliable and predictable pricing from the early stages of design allows the owner to make informed choices early in the design process. These early pricing efforts help to avoid the pitfalls of committing cost and time to design efforts for full construction documents only to discover late in the process that the project cannot be built for the desired cost. We believe that the ability to offer predictable full estimating services from start to finish sets us apart from many of our competitors. Should the initial or subsequent estimating efforts result in a project cost that is more than an owner wants to spend, DPC will work with the owner and design team by offering product research, alternate means and methods, and value engineering options. DPC will consider any other creative solutions that are collaboratively determined with the goal of reducing cost, but not reducing the overall quality and design intent. This is a service that is crucial to the process and is often employed at various times in the development of the drawings and pricing efforts.

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