Once your home is finished, you can be assured that DPC will provide the back-end support and service that a finely built home deserves. This service starts with an orientation and walk-through of building systems with the homeowner so they have a full understanding of the home’s features and are comfortable with all aspects of living comfortably in their new home. Along with the walk-through, DPC provides a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Manual that includes contact phone numbers of project participants, as built drawings, equipment manuals, cleaning and maintenance instructions, and any other reference material that could be useful to the homeowner or caretaker.


DPC provides regularly scheduled inspections of building systems as well as thorough inspections of the interior and exterior of the house for the purpose of detecting any potential maintenance or corrective issues to be dealt with. DPC prides itself on its aftercare program once the home is finished and its warranty and maintenance team are always available for consultation at any time.


DPC will manage the preventive maintenance of your property by using our internal systems for scheduling, work orders, and job costing. DPC works closely with our trade partners to ensure all services are performed in a coordinated and proficient manner.

During the one-year warranty period, our Service & Maintenance Manager will systematically update the inventory of your home’s components and conditions with our six-month and one-year walk-through inspections. At that point, DPC will identify preventative and ongoing maintenance programs, determine costs, and communicate all information in a timely manner.

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