Exceptional project management is essential for the effective and efficient progression of any major construction project. In order to truly understand the depth of a build, Della Porta Construction project managers are involved beginning in the pre-construction process where they initiate planning, preparing, and setting benchmarks to ensure the build stays on schedule. Once in the construction phase of a project, Della Porta project managers utilize our integrated back office tracking and management system to ensure that every aspect of a build is completed on time and within budget using the effectual coordination of subcontractors, procurement of materials, inspections, and any other requirements for the build.


A construction project is a major investment, and we know that clients need to be informed about the status of their investments. This is why client communication is a key component of our project managers’ duties. Della Porta Construction clients know their project manager and are provided with direct contact information before the build even begins. Our project managers build client communication benchmarks into the build schedule and are just as committed to meet communication goals as they are any other build deadline. Our Progress Tracking Reporting System keeps clients updated during each phrase of the construction process, and our use of Remote Visual Reporting gives our clients visual updates on the status of their project throughout the build.

In addition to client communication, Della Porta maintains an ongoing relationship with architects, designers and others involved in the build to preserve the integrity of the project. Communication during the build is essential to ensuring a successful outcome, and we encourage our clients and project partners to reach out to any member of the Della Porta Construction team at any time.


Della Porta Construction rests our reputation on the projects we build. From our extensive experience, we know which materials are of the best quality and which distributors sell them. We only employ the best craftsmen and vendors in the Treasure Coast, and our site managers carefully and constantly inspect each aspect of a build, only accepting the best quality work. Our decades of experience have shown us that pre-planning the installation and integration of building components such as windows, appliances, and HVAC systems leads to a well-organized and easy to manage final product. Direct management of each layer of a project from site work, fill, foundation, walls, roofs, windows, finishes, flooring and landscaping adheres to our commitment to the fact that it is not only what you see that defines quality, but what you don’t see as well.

We know that our dedication to excellence means that our clients will be satisfied not just on move in day, but everyday for as long as they own the building.

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